Wakefield Wolverines Athletic Booster Club


Our Mission

To Inspire performance excellence at Wakefield High School

To raise funds and to assist all school athletic programs, to foster and promote goodwill and spirit to support, promote, and maintain high standards of performance excellence in the following areas: Empower Individual Teams, Re-Inspire the Community, Proactively Maximize Communication, Streamline Efficiency, Act Creatively, Improve Strength and Performance, Develop/Enforce Accountability Standards. Encourage Community Engagement

 Pillars of Success

Empower Individual Teams

We want all sports teams to operate with an empowered spirit knowing the booster club is here to support them.

Re-Inspire the Community

In a post-Covid world, the community wants to get back involved with high school sports and the Club seeks to support an active high school sports community that draws the overall community back to the stands.

Proactively Maximize Communication

As we support our sports teams, we act with bias towards communication with all internal stakeholders.

Streamline Efficiency

We seek to continuously learn and implement better/faster ways to operate.

Act Creatively

One step further than “thinking creatively”, we take action on our creative thoughts and try new things, learning from experience.

Improve Strength and Performance

The foundation for all success is athletic competition is strength and speed. We seen to arm our athletic programs with the necessary equipment to maximize their performance

Develop Excellent Teamwork with Coaching Staff

We believe strong relationships with coaches are essential to a unified winning culture.

Encourage Community Engagement

We seek to develop a student athlete population that serves its community.